A majority of the routers introduced by D-Link and Netgear are calibrated with as their IP address by default. The IP address is mainly employed in a private IPv4 network address as its router.

How to Access

If you want to open the console of your router, you should open the browser of your preference and type the into the address bar of your browser, it will direct you to the settings section, from where you can make basic and advanced changes to your router’s settings to make it more approachable for you. Since the IP address is categorized as a private IPv4 network address, you can connect any device to this IP address. You should refrain from connecting more than one devices to the IP address to avoid the occurrence of an IP address conflict.

In case you cannot access

If you cannot access on your internet browser then, the settings of this IP address is not calibrated with your computer. If you are unsure of your PC’s gateway connection then, you can access the command line, and enter ‘ipconfig/all’ in the required section. The results will show you if the gateway address of your internet connection is or something else. Otherwise you can read the find your router IP address.

Changing the password of your router

It is highly recommend using a strong password of your internet connection to secure your network. Once you are familiar with the default login information of your router, you should consider changing it immediately. You can simply enter the IP address in the search bar, enter your login information, and then, you can change your password in the settings section. You should consider choosing an alphanumerical password for your IP network for security purposes.