Recover Router User and Password

A majority of the people are likely to forget the username and password of their routers, which could make it challenging for them to access their internet connection. While a number of internet users are able to navigate the login information of their router, some people are not exactly familiar with the their router’s default login information. If you are having trouble with recalling your login details, you can follow the given options to access your login details:

Use the Router’s Default Username and Password

If you are unable to navigate the default login information of your router, you should consider using the default username and password of your router. If you have purchased a new router, it is more likely to come with a set of documentations that contain miscellaneous information regarding the router, including its default login details. Alternatively, you can look for a label on the rear-side of your router to look for the default information of your router.

Look Up the Default Username and Password

If you cannot implement any possible method to reset or access the default login information, you can look up for your router’s default username and password on the internet. You can simply search for the serial number or model number of your router and it will direct you to the relevant information regarding your login information on the manufacturer’s website.

Factory Reset

If you have recently changed the username and password pertaining to your router, and you cannot remember it, you can avail the option of factory reset to restore your login information. The factory reset button is considerably smaller in size, and it would require you to use a pin, matchstick, or any sharp object to reset your router‘s setting. You are simply required to hold the button down for 10-15 seconds, and it will restore your login information.

Forward Ports without a Password

If you have experimented with a variety of options, and you still cannot recover the router user and password, you can employ the use of Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), which would allow you to forward ports, and it would exempt the requirement of having a password to access your internet connection. A majority of the routers are designed to enable external applications to access ports through the router. If you are using an UPnP-enabled router, it would allow you to access the required ports. In addition, you can administer the use of UPnP PortMapper to forward the ports of your preference.