is regarded as the IP address of several home broadband routers, such as SMC and Belkin, across the world. The default access point is calibrated by the manufacturer of the router but, you can navigate the login panel to change the settings to meet your requirements.

Log In Using

If you are considering accessing the on-board console of your router, you will be required to open your browser and enter into the search bar of your browser. If the IP address is validated by your router, it will direct you to the login panel. You can use your password and username to enter the panel and access the setting options according to your requirements.

Belkin Router Login

Restrictions of Using

If you are considering choosing the IP address of your router, you will not be able to connect to a router which exceeds the proximity of your home network, as it is a private IPv4 network address. If you are planning to install more than one routers on your home network simultaneously, you should consider allotting different IP addresses to each router to avoid any IP conflict. You can read looking up the default gateway for more information.


You can employ the use of Admin Console to administer and configure the settings of your router, and it would also allow you to access the default local address, which you can calibrate according your requirements. Once you have accessed the login panel, you can select on the option of LAN in the Network section, and you can change your IP address option to a gateway of your preference. You can either change it to or


You can access the administration panel of your modem simply by typing into the URL bar of your browser. If you are more likely to forget the password of your router, you can simply reset the modem back to its factory settings by pressing the reset button down for 15 seconds.