What is SSID?

The term SSID stands for “Service Set Identifier.” It might sound technical, but it’s just the name you see when choosing which Wi-Fi network to connect to from your laptop, phone, or any other device. Every Wi-Fi network transmits this name so that users can easily identify it. Understanding your SSID is important because it … Read more

How to Protect Your WiFi Network?

In today’s digital age, keeping our WiFi network safe is as important as locking our front doors. The internet constantly evolves, as do the threats that can compromise our online security. We use our WiFi for everything from streaming videos and gaming to managing smart home devices and banking. Thus, protecting our WiFi network isn’t … Read more

How To Increase Internet Speed?

Experiencing slow internet can be frustrating, especially when streaming your favorite show, playing online games, or attending a video call. Fortunately, there are several steps we can take to improve our internet speed and ensure a smoother online experience. Understand Your Internet Plan Before we discuss tips for boosting your internet speed, it’s important to … Read more

What is an IP Address?

IP stands for Internet Protocol. An IP address is a unique string of numbers separated by periods (IPv4) or colons (IPv6) that identifies each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a network. Almost everything we do online in our modern world starts with connecting to the internet, whether browsing websites, sending emails, or … Read more